Sandblasting Melbourne

As part of our commitment to providing the best quality of work, we utilize the most sophisticated technology available to ensure that you have the cleanest surface possible.


This technique is used for the restoration of bricks, concrete, and paint.

The sand blasting process is used for removing rust, paint, scale, and other contaminants from most surfaces, preparing them for protective coatings.

If you require paint removal, coating removal, cement removal, or mortar removal, we can effectively remove all unwanted substances without causing any damage to a stone or brick surface. We can also restore them to their original state.

Affordable Prices

If you compare our services to those offered by other companies, you will be surprised at how affordable they are. At the same time, our services are highly reliable and efficient as well! Every one of our Melbourne customers can count on us to be there when they need us. C&G will go the extra mile to ensure that you have a smile on your face after the process is completed. We are the highest reviewed and most recommended sand blasting and exterior cleaning company in Melbourne. Find out why today!

Experienced Sand Blasting Melbourne

Our company has extensive experience in sandblasting across Melbourne. We have been one of the leading sandblasting companies in Melbourne. We utilize the most modern and technologically advanced equipment to complete our work, and we pay attention to every detail and strive to achieve perfect results. Customization is a priority at our company, and we strive to meet and exceed all customer expectations each and every time.

Clean & Green Brick Washing is the solution for your property or development when you require exterior cleaning services. Contact our team for further information!