Acid Brick Cleaning

Professional Acid Brick Cleaners

We follow the bricks and concrete blocks standards and recommendation in our cleaning process to avoid any surface damage.

Acid brick cleaning is the most traditional method of cleaning bricks, mainly used for new-build projects. With acid you can remove the excess mortar and cement on the brick face, thereby ensuring damage-free brick and joints, no discoloration, and best appearance.

This system is certified by the company manufactured standard for pressure and acid venturi technology.

Acid Brick Cleaning Melbourne

Our Cleaning Process

  • Identify the brick work timing: brick work need at least 3 days to cure before clean it
  • Identify the safety precautions for the site.
  • Protect other materials like metal or cooper around the surface area by covering it with plastic sheets or wrapping.
  • Rinse the surface with water: to minimized the absorption of acid to the mortars and brick.
  • Scrapping any mortar or cement clumps.
  • Rinse the surface with water again.
  • Apply the acid using the venturi system with the acid to water ratio according to the brick and block makers standards.
  • Rinse the acid off the surface.
  • Pressure water Jetting the surface by using 1000-1500 psi pressure.
  • Last rinse.
  • Repeat the process as it needed.
  • Neutralise all bricks and blocks.

Experienced Acid Cleaning

For light coloured bricks or off-white mortar bed or synthetic mortar it must be cleaned by using green acid product. We are also specialised with all kinds of bricks and blocks stains treatment: Efflorescence, vanadium, calcium, calcium silicate, iron and manganese stains. Provide fixing for low quality previous bad brick cleaning specially for home warrantee.

Clean & Green Brick Washing is the solution for your property or development when you require exterior cleaning services. Contact our team for further information!