Why Green Acid Cleaning

Green Acid Is A Safe And Environmentally Responsible Alternative To Harsh Acids.

Green Acid Is An Environmentally Responsible And Safe Alternative To Harsh Acids.

There are no dangers, no corrosives, and no toxic components in green acid. Salts and noncorrosive chemicals found in green acid enable us to work safely and reduce health risks for our workers and customers.

What Green Acid Provides

By using green acid cleaning which we provide you will be:

  • protecting your brickwork or concrete blockwork from future stains.
  • protect the environment around the workplace.
  • Avoid health risk for the people around the working site.
  • Achieve best cleaning result with minimum damage for the surfaces.

Experienced Green Acid Cleaning

For light coloured bricks or off-white mortar bed or synthetic mortar it must be cleaned by using green acid product. We are also specialised with all kinds of bricks and blocks stains treatment: Efflorescence, vanadium, calcium, calcium silicate, iron and manganese stains.Provide fixing for low quality previous bad brick cleaning specially for home warrantee.

Clean & Green Brick Washing is the solution for your property or development when you require exterior cleaning services. Contact our team for further information!